Something that I noticed recently in my crazy busy schedule I call days as of late, is that everyone is so impatient. Take yesterday for instance; I had taken my lunch break and I was sitting in the lobby of Starbucks as a line of people just began to form out of no where it seemed. Now this Starbucks isn’t small by any means but it’s not Grand Central Station either. This line had reached all the way to the door in a matter of seconds but the other thing was, it was actually moving through pretty quickly too. People were ordering and moving on at a fairly steady pace. Each satisfied customer being replaced by yet another eager one, making the line appear not to move at all.

But big surprise, there were several people that would walk in the door, stand there for a full min, look at the line then get all upset and walk out the door. I wanted to chuckle with amusement at the sight. I couldn’t believe it. If you have time to stand there and get upset, and you really really want that $5 cup of coffee then you should just stand there in line. And that is another thing. It amazes me how many people will stand in Pike’s Market waiting in line in front of the original Starbucks store (most times it was well over 10 minutes that you waited!) but in some podunk little town people can’t wait 3 minutes for their precious coffee. Many of these people often complain too. I’ve heard them! I bet they wouldn’t handle it in Seattle. Ha ha.

Well that was my little minute in time, rant. I feel somewhat better now, but not really. But who am I? I don’t have to power to change anything major or for that matter, people’s opinions!

Sparkle on beautiful people!