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So as mentioned previously, I am writing a novel… or at least, attempting to! Well in my musings, I’ve come across the difficulties of making sure I’m not writing something boring or more importantly something really cliche. We all think, oh the hero gets the girl, that’s sooo cliche!  but there’s more to being cliche then just a main plot such as that! There’s the little things, like maybe how something can be killed, or the description of something like: It was a dark and stormy night. You wouldn’t believe it, but really, so many writers try to be funny and incorporate that line in somewhere!

Something that I was really trying to work on in my own writing, were the creatures. Since my novel is all fantasy and fiction based, I need to be creative and original in my creature base. So many things have been done already, it’s hard to come up with something that will bode interesting, provide everything I am looking for, yet not copy something already done. Slight characteristics are alright to copy in some cases, but you don’t want to have something someone has done, then just change one thing and call it good!

A fantastic site I found particularly useful was M. T. Dremer’s hubpage, ‘How to Describe a Fantasy Creature.’  It provided some very interesting points and helpful tips. I highly recommend checking it out! Another one I found helpful was a site called ‘The Writers Helpers‘. This one as well, had some great points to consider when creating your own fantasy creatures.

Write on, people! ♥