Do you ever think about the what if’s in life? About all the different ways thing could have played out… I know growing up, we’re all told we should do that, but somehow I just can’t help myself. It’s only human nature to want to know it all right? To know what could happen, what could have happened? I find myself thinking that all the time, and even though sometimes it’s what kills me inside, I almost thrive on it…. It keeps me aware of who I am.

Now I’m not saying we should all do this, because more often then not, we shouldn’t. We should look to the future and what happiness it holds for us.. not the sad truths of where we are in life and the possibilities of where we could be instead. But also, just think about it.. It’s almost living that fairy-tale we all dreamed of living when we were young.

‘What if I had said yes.’ ‘What if I hadn’t agreed.’ ‘What if….’ Wonder is what the world is full of and whether it’s good or bad, we all do it at some point in our lives. The biggest one I think we question, is.. is this person for me? I know I’ve thought it before; and I know many of you have too. It’s a part of life. And again, more often then not – they probably aren’t. But who’s to say that? Who’s the one to tell us… how do we know. Who made this rules, these guidelines.

So many thought clutter my mind every day and the worst one I can’t ever get rid of is that big ‘What If’ and it kills me.